ExpressionEngine Development

Looking for ExpressionEngine help?

Firstly, congratulations if you are already using ExpressionEngine, a great choice! We have been developing sites with it for over 6 years now. It's been an thoroughly enjoyable journey and we simply love building sites with ExpressionEngine. In that time we have worked on dozens of projects each delivering a high degree of success.

With our experience and global clients we are your friendly and trusted ExpressionEngine developers. UK is where we are based but we can undertake development from anywhere in the world.

We can undertake all kinds of ExpressionEngine work such as upgrades, consulting, maintenance and support, e-commerce, search marketing with ExpressionEngine and custom add on development.

Agency or freelancer?

If you are a design agency looking to outsource, we can help you. Working with numerous agencies and freelancers around the world over the last few years has allowed us to work on some incredible projects, which unfortunately cannot be named ( We work on a strict confidentiality agreement with all our agency and freelance relationships).

Whilst we can provide the full design and development process some freelancers and agencies prefer to undertake some design work in house. We can take completed PSD's or functional HTML and CSS and then build up into a fully operational ExpressionEngine site. The choice is yours.

We have been helping agencies and freelancers just like you, in thriving, successful relationships for years. We are easy to work with and go beyond expectations with projects. Working with EE is a joy and so is working with other successful agencies and freelancers. We really do enjoy the collaboration with other parties.

Add-on development

ExpressionEngine out of the box can do a lot, but there are some projects that need custom add-on development. Working on so many projects as we have, there have been a number of occasions where we needed to produce and build a custom add-on. We have the experience and ExpressionEngine knowledge to build add-ons of all sizes.

Video training tutorials

Whilst ExpressionEngine has an incredibly intuitive interface we provide a full video training tutorial custom built for each site, showing you or the client on how to update your ExpressionEngine site with ease.

We would love to talk to you about any ExpressionEngine projects you have in mind, please contact us